Check Out the Benefits of Exercise for People With Diabetes

A lot has been talked about the benefits of having a physical exercise routine. They not only keep you healthy and fit but also prove to be an aid in controlling various life-threatening diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Physical exercises can pose both immediate and long-term health benefits. But above all, regular physical activity can improve the quality of life. Latur-based M.B.B.S, M.D., F.Diab., Diabetes Specialist, Dr Abhijeet Mugalikar in a recent interview with Hindustan Times revealed that a physical exercise routine can help in controlling blood sugar levels and improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. All types of exercise, aerobic, resistance, or both, are equally good for people with diabetes as they lower the HbA1c values in the body.

Mugalikar stated that walking for just a minimum of two hours a week can help people with diabetes reduce their risk of dying from heart disease as compared to their sedentary counter-parts. Furthermore, he said, people who exercise three to four hours a week cut their risk even more. He opined that old people with a sedentary lifestyle can try combining aerobic exercise and resistance training for lowering their body’s insulin resistance. “Combining the two types of exercise proved more beneficial,” the doctor added.

The expert further elaborated on the benefits of stretching and balance training for the elderly with diabetes. Mugalikar shared that stretching increases the range of motion around joints, thus improving flexibility, while balance training reduces the risk of falls by improving balance and gait. He also highlighted the importance of exercise for women who have diabetes.

According to Mugalikar, women who have diabetes should spend at least four hours a week doing moderate exercise. These exercises include walking or rigorous cardio workout. The doctor said that performing exercises lowers the risk of developing heart disease by 40% in women as compared to those who don’t exercise.

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