Jake Sitlani’s Viral Content is Engaging Audience With its Fun-Filled and Social Awareness Video

Jake Sitlani is a Social media influencer, blogger and a Youtuber who rose to fame with his humorous, fun and entertainment videos on social media platforms. His recent videos on social awareness dressed up in female avatar have created tidal waves everywhere that made him talk about subjects that are often considered a taboo topics in the Indian society.

YouTube is a trending platform that is ruling the world by hooking all the audience regardless of the genre of the content. Jake Sitlani’s content is one of a kind that’s worth spending time on. His hilarious content served as a great companion and a source of inspiration for the audience amidst their gloomy days and always kept the audiences looked out on a daily basis. His recent viral videos is making headlines in the most watched popular category of comedy that literally brings big smiles on everyone’s face and sometimes people laugh out loud to their surprise. The comic element of his videos are always won by everyone’s hearts due to its vivid presentation in the form of female with an initiative to break the gender & social norms.

Mastered between entertaining and social information Jake Sitlani’s recent viral engaging and entertaining video on social experiment of ‘Going out and buying Condoms dressed as a woman in India’ has taken the Internet by storm and has been appreciated by lot of people for its in depth gender and sexuality analysis. His videos in female attire indeed provide a well rounded and diverse set of perspectives. Women in India always faces awkward experience when walked on a store to buy a condom and it literally makes them a centre of attraction and the scenario turns out to be embarrassing. But why? Is it compulsory to show such bewildered and judgmental look when a girl walks in? This is where Jake tried to break the social norms in the dress up of a woman with an aim to help people overcome the embarrassment of buying any sex related product that is considered as a taboo subject in India.

Amongst millions of You Tube videos and channels Jake Sitlani’s videos stand out on the buzzing platform that connects with audiences on an entire new level with exposure of global audience. His authentic personality and sense of humor has contoured his strong identity with active presence shaping a unique personality while maintaining consistency. He lets his looks and overall personality really shine on the basis of the demand of the viewers who are on a lookout to learn about him.

Jake’s videos are insanely popular that makes people bring on the giggles with its universally funny contents. Take yourself on the journey with his unique hilarious videos.

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